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Goods will only be accepted for return for 30 days from invoice date.

New parts are covered by the manufacturers guarantee. Second hand parts are guaranteed for 30 days from invoice date.

Megabug will not be held responsible for labour costs or out of pocket expenses caused by defective or incorrectly supplied goods. Mega-Bug will not be responsable for return postage on goods correctly supplied. Incorrectly supplied or faulty goods will be refunded or replaced, return postage will be arranged and paid for by Mega-Bug.
Sunny climate chrome products there is no warranty on the chrome finish.

Our returns do not affect your legal rights.

Returning of surcharge units are the responsibility
of the customer, surcharge units must be like for like
ie RHD for RHD or twin port for twin port, Mega bug can
arrange collection of your old unit at your expence.
Surcharge units must be servicable no holes in engine
blocks no bits cut off steering boxes or broken cases.